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The Red Mountain Resort is based on the theme of Erhai Lake water. The shape of the resort follows the slope of the Red Mountain with its terraces stepping down close to the topographic layout of the hill. Because of the proximity of the existing local temple at foot of the hill, the theme of local Erhai Lake deities is subtly incorporated throughout the resort’s interiors, as well as the color red, a characteristic feature of the Red Mountain soil.

In order to keep the sensitive area around the Erhai Lake intact and provide visitors and residents of the Dali city and surrounding areas with a first class beach environment, an artificial white sand beach and infinity pool overlooking the Erhai Lake are created for the Ehai Beach resort. With the crystal clear warm water year-round and artificial white sand beach inspired by secluded Mediterranean coves and the blue waters of the Southern Seas, the infinity pool at the Erhai Beach Resort is the best place for swimming and enjoying outdoor activities in the entire region.